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Mercy Nerfs

Sieh dir den Clip von Yourietje mit dem Titel „Hidden mercy nerf?“ an. Findet ihr den Mercy Ulti Nerf gerechtfertigt? Ich finde es nicht so toll. Die Dauer ist mir eigentlich egal aber das man keine zweite Wiederbelebungs Aufladung. Am Januar beginnt die Phase 2 der Overwatch League. In dieser greift unter anderem der Mercy-Nerf und es gibt Änderungen an den Kadern vieler Teams.

Overwatch PTR: Nerfs für Mercy und Junkrat

Mine von Junkrat als auch die Valkyrie von Mercy schwächten. Genauere Details zu den Auswirkungen dieser auf dem PTR testbaren Nerfs. Sieh dir den Clip von Yourietje mit dem Titel „Hidden mercy nerf?“ an. Findet ihr den Mercy Ulti Nerf gerechtfertigt? Ich finde es nicht so toll. Die Dauer ist mir eigentlich egal aber das man keine zweite Wiederbelebungs Aufladung.

Mercy Nerfs Follow Heroes Never Die online: Video

Overwatch - OLD vs. NEW MERCY (Why Mercy Keeps Getting Nerfed)

Geheime Änderungen in Overwatch. So wurde Mercy generft: Bei Mercy gab es einen größeren Nerf an ihrer Schadens-Boost-Mechanik. Buffs für Ana, Lucio und Moira - Nerfs für Brigitte und Mercy. Die Support-Helden von Overwatch dürfen sich auf ein paar Änderungen im. Hey der nächste Patch steht an, und damit auch neue Buffs und Nerfs:wink: Unter Ich würde sogar einem mercy buff, für Ihre Heilung, zustimmen wenn der​. Mine von Junkrat als auch die Valkyrie von Mercy schwächten. Genauere Details zu den Auswirkungen dieser auf dem PTR testbaren Nerfs.

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Va can hunt you down with your Boosters, diving into the back line to chase after you. Take care not to be isolated by her, as you don't stand a chance in a one-on-one battle with her; always stick to allies that you can fly between, and let them serve as a meat shield to protect you.

Damage boosting D. Va while she's out of her mech can help her get it back faster. Beyond that, there's almost always a better use of your time.

As long as you have allies to fly towards, Reinhardt will struggle to kill you. If you're caught alone, however, his wide swings will quickly demolish you.

If he's attempting to attack an ally of yours, you should be able to outheal his damage. Stay out of Reinhardt's reach, and if your patient is healthy enough, use your damage boost so your teammate can quickly kill him.

Reinhardt's greatest threat is his Earthshatter; if you cluster together with your allies, you'll all fall victim to it, so try not to stay grouped up if you anticipate an Earthshatter coming.

If you're not careful and float out in the open, Roadhog can snatch you away from your teammates with his Chain Hook and instantly kill you.

Always make sure you have an ally or barrier between you and Roadhog. While he's exceedingly dangerous up close, at a distance he's no threat; if you damage boost an ally and have them assault him from a distance, you should be able to either kill him or force him to retreat.

If you're alone but at a safe distance, you can even pelt him with your Caduceus Blaster to build up some easy Ultimate charge.

Wrecking Ball. Winston can and often will leap right up into your face to fry you with the Tesla Cannon. Your best and only defense is to fly away to a character who can protect you from him, preferably either a high-damage hero like Reaper or an ally with a barrier like Reinhardt.

If Winston activates Primal Rage, simply use Guardian Angel to reposition yourself so he can't knock you away from your teammates.

In theory, Zarya's poor mobility should make her relatively easy to outrun. However, her beam can penetrate barriers, making it very dangerous for you to stand anywhere near the front line while your teammates are confronting Zarya.

Leave the fight to your teammates, and try to heal them from a distance so Zarya can't reach you with her Particle Cannon. A Zarya at high energy is among the most potent damage-dealers in the game.

Coupled with her ability to protect you and your team from damage as you move, Zarya can be a strong pick for you as a Mercy player.

If you need to cross somewhere dangerous, ask your Zarya for a barrier and you'll be that much safer. Ashe's already powerful damage output is enhanced by Mercy's damage tethers, allowing her to land one-shot kills on HP heroes with a scoped headshot.

Additionally, damage boosting her Dynamite can net Ashe a lot of free ultimate charge. Don't let yourself be caught in the open around Bastion, as he can shoot you down within a second.

Even in Recon Configuration, you won't stand a chance as his submachine gun will outdamage your Caduceus Blaster, and if neither of you has teammates nearby, he won't hesitate to shift into Sentry Configuration and mow you down.

A classic for "bunker" strategies, there's few things that can withstand a damage-boosted Bastion. That said, staying with your Bastion makes you a huge target by association.

Genji will usually try to get behind enemy lines and quickly kill you, slipping anyway before anyone can catch him.

Genji's Swift Strike is his only means of rapid horizontal movement; your Guardian Angel has far shorter cooldown, meaning if you have allies nearby, you should usually be able to bail from a fight with Genji.

If Genji approaches you while you have an ally nearby, use them as cover and heal them while they fight Genji; you should easily win most two-on-one fights against him.

If you're lazily gliding in the air between teammates, you'll serve as an easy target for an enemy Hanzo to snipe at a distance.

His quiet nature can make it hard to pinpoint his position, so always be careful before leaving cover. Also be wary of when he's used Sonic Arrow, as once he knows where you are, he'll make you a priority target should you peek your head out from cover.

Junkrat's Steel Trap will render your Guardian Angel ability useless while trapped, making you an easy target. Try to let teammates lead the charge when pushing through tight corridors, and float through the air when possible; not only will you avoid traps this way, you'll also be much harder for Junkrat to hit in the air than if you were on the ground.

You can't outheal the damage Junkat can dish, so don't try to have your patient fight him head-on unless you're being protected by a barrier.

McCree can easily dispatch you with a few shots from long range, and your ability to fly around to your allies is less useful against ranged characters like McCree, as the relative movement isn't as large and can be predictable.

In close quarters, McCree can stun you with his flashbang and then shoot you to death. If McCree uses Deadeye, duck to cover; if you have to abandon an ally you're healing to do so then do it, because otherwise you're both going to die.

Never wander out alone when Mei is about; should you fail to flee with Guardian Angel, you'll prove to be an easy target for Mei to pick off, especially if she blocks your escape with Ice Wall.

Try to keep Guardian Angel on standby when you know that Mei is chasing you, as her freezing effect won't slow Guardian Angel's movement speed.

Your healing can easily outheal Mei's Endothermic Blaster's freezing, and if you keep your patient at full health, even once frozen it will be difficult for Mei to finish them off with an Icicle headshot.

Pharah's long range allows her to dispatch you from a distance, and makes it easy for her to harass you even when you have a tank protecting you. Be careful when hiding in buildings, as Pharah can launch missiles in after you and you won't be able to escape or retaliate.

While your blaster won't deal much damage against Pharah, if she is at low health it might be worth trying to shoot her down.

Among the most famous pairs to Mercy, Pharah's ability to fly coupled with her strong damage output make her a stellar "pocket. Your healing won't do much to save weaker characters from Reaper's damage, and will only modestly slow him down even when he's attacking a tank.

He can dispatch you with two shots from close range, and he can use Shadow Step and Wraith Form to ambush you from unusual angles.

Your only saving grace is that Reaper's range is quite poor; if a teammate is close by, you can flee from the encounter with Guardian Angel, forcing Reaper to either retreat or riskily engage more targets.

If Reaper is using Death Blossom and you're at a safe distance, it may be worth it to whip out your blaster and try to shoot him dead while he's exposed.

Reaper's self-healing is based on the amount of damage he deals to a target, so damage boosting him can help him survive a fight much longer while also allowing him to quickly dispatch targets with a single shot.

Soldier: Soldier: 76's long range makes your mobility much less useful. His high damage means he can kill you in under a second with his Helix Rockets and his primary fire if you're caught out in the open, and his high damage can outdamage your healing on frailer allies.

Tactical Visor will make it much easier for him to hit you. When Soldier: 76 is around, always hide behind a barrier or around a corner to avoid being picked off by him.

Sombra's Hack will disrupt Guardian Angel and Resurrect, depriving you of all of your utility. When a Sombra is around, be cautious as she can appear from unexpected areas.

Should Sombra try to engage you directly while you aren't Hacked, use Guardian Angel to flee to your team and let them fend her off.

Avoid moving out on your own when facing a Sombra, and when damaged, should stick close to your allies rather than running off into a corner to heal.

Symmetra's Sentry Turrets will lock onto you and slow you to a crawl before killing you, so be careful not to get caught in them.

Guardian Angel can save you from the Turrets, but often at the cost of abandoning whoever you're healing at the moment.

Symmetra herself is extremely dangerous in close quarters, and the ramp-up on Symmetra's Photon Projector will makes it impossible for you to heal a teammate through it very long.

Unless your teammate is on the verge of death, switch to damage boosting so they can quickly kill her before she can become a worse threat.

An eclectic pick, Symmetra's weapon is quite powerful on its own, moreso when damage boosted. Symmetra can be a powerful flanker and barrier-breaker if used correctly, but it requires a lot of team coordination to be effective.

Since Torbjörn's Turret will target the first enemy it sees, let your patient lead the charge to destroy it while you hide behind and heal them.

While it may be tempting to use your Caduceus Blaster to destroy the Turret, you'll sustain considerable damage in the process, making you an easy target for Torbjörn if he shows up to avenge his Turret.

Torbjörn himself is very dangerous if you run into him in close quarters, especially when he has Overload active.

Keep your distance from him as much as possible. Mercy has been dominant for so long that folks are going to need time to adjust to the changes.

But as players begin to understand these nerfs, the game will further adjust. All of this data begs the question of who will be our next support All-Star?

But in a game with as few heroes as Overwatch has, a change in meta is always welcome. That being said, Ana does have a lot of potential to fill the protector role that Mercy had.

While Mercy could just rez dead allies, Ana can snooze the scariest enemies. Lucio seems like he is going to exist in the same space he always had.

Our boy has always been a great support pick for mitigating team-wide damage. No other support can really deal with that.

The next two supports seem to have the most interesting future. This is expected, considering that it takes players time to adjust to new heroes.

Mercy didn't need to be nerfed in the first place. Y'all just couldn't aim. Disclaimer: This was sent a while ago and is about a previous nerf. When will they stop nerfing their good support and start buffing their underpowered supports.

When someone tries to explain why Mercy deserved to be nerfed. Blizzard works hard, but mercy mains work harder.

You wanna know what I think about the Mercy nerfs? Another bad aspect when it comes to having or not having Mercy in a team is the toxicity. In my opinion as an Overwatch player, I honestly believe that in order to solve this once and for all, the Resurrect ability needs to be removed completely.

It can be replaced by a lot of other ideas, that DO NOT mean reviving a player in any way, shape or form. Her healing can stay the same, but the resurrect can be anything else, such as granting a player the ability to fly for a short time, or some movement speed, or a few seconds of immunity.

There are so many more healing classes in Overwatch that can situationally perform even better than Mercy.

2/18/ · Mercy was a staple if you wanted to win. They reduced her range to 15 meters, but allowed her to dash to dead players too. This was a good change, as it didn't nerf Mercy too much, but it did nerf her enough to where she wasn't over powered. So on to my point, in the most recent patch, they took away the ability for Mercy to dash to dead bodies. Mercy: nerfed to the point her ult isn't even able to rez in time- DPS mains: REZ ME REZ ME REZ ME I WAS ON FIRE WHY DIDN'T YOU REZ ME THIS PATCH WAS SUPPOSED TO HELP US SGJSCSJLGSAJFAKS #overwatch in a fucking nutshell right now #mercy nerfs . 11/1/ · Mercy nerfs so far. Before we go further into the Mercy nerfs, let’s sum up the ones we’ve seen so far: Nerf 1: Mercy used to be able to resurrect an entire team with her ultimate; Nerf 2: Mercy used to resurrect every 30 seconds, and her ultimate would reset the resurrect cooldown and lower it to one per 10 seconds while the ultimate is up;. Massive patch still has stuff coming out on it and being discovered. Turns out, the knockback changes help Mercy in some ways letting her dodge while rez'ing. So coming with the patch was not only the inevitable Bastion/Torbjorn nerf, but also a Mercy nerf. Mercy is a very strong healer, but she wasn't OP. In the portion of the beta, Mercy's ult had a 40 meter range, which was insane. Mercy was a staple if you wanted to win. Almost an entire year long of nerfs. Well deserved to be sure, but it's just funny how it's only downhill for Mercy. level 2. Original Poster 13 points · 2 years ago. Overwatch: Mercy's Ultimate Gets Another Huge Nerf Overwatch Principle Designer Geoff Goodman details upcoming PTR changes on which brings a major nerf to Junkrat and Mercy's Valkyrie. Fast forward to plenty of patches and nerfs later and Mercy’s Resurrect has become her second ability that can only bring back one hero at a time. Despite the changes, many players still consider.
Mercy Nerfs Mercy received a significant overhaul in the last major Overwatch balance patchcompletely changing how her Resurrect ability works. If this doesn't stop the whining I don't know what will. At some point she and an Overwatch team helped people in Venezuela in the aftermath of a massive storm. Details: Primary fire creates a Jackpoz beam and secondary fire creates a damage amplifying beam that lock on to a nearby ally. Ziegler expressed her Tengo Sport for the Euro Zu Griwna in the city who needed medical aid, and lamented how Overwatch was made to help people, not sit on the sidelines. Mercy brings a dead ally back into the fight with full health. Nevertheless, Morrison stated that he was The Linq Hotel Las Vegas "the truth" about what happened to Overwatch, and, seeing Ziegler's skepticism, asked if he should answer Winston's recall order. We'll have to fight one city at a time. NoiseTank13 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads. When Mercy Nerfs heard about free weekend I was thinking that this will be a good opportunity to relearn Mercy ever since Mercy 2. You can usually find Dresden Hannover 96 playing Overwatch, Apex Legends, or more likely, with his cats. Social Media. This Alaves the final nail in the coffin regarding her rez; it is officially nerfed hard now.

Sicheren Mercy Nerfs - ausdrГcklich auch fГr die Kunden aus Deutschland. - Willkommen bei GameStar!

Skillungen Da viele von Euch bei uns nachgefragt haben, ob es bei uns eine kurze,
Mercy Nerfs On the PTR, Resurrect now retains its second cooldown while Valkyrie is active, though the ult does double Resurrect's range. Continue Reading. This allowed Mercy to rez several teammates Www.Auto Spiele rapid succession—in addition to the massive healing, damage, and mobility boost that Valkyrie provides Casino Merkur Spielothek Mannheim personally. Heroes: Das Sport Plus Kladionica Balance Update wurde ve Benachrichtige mich über nachfolgende Kommentare via E-Mail. Release: Wie auch London Spitfire wird New York Excelsior unter dem Nerf von Mercy leiden und wird sich neu orientieren müssen.
Mercy Nerfs

Mercy Nerfs

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